Sparkling Light part 1


The first time I heard this school I was not interesting because I didn’t know about this school. Even my sister lived in Palembang but she didn’t know about the exactly place because this was the first time for her to heard about this school. I knew about this school from my Friend because my friend more interesting than me because she knew it deeply since long time ago about this school. That’s why some students hadn’t known about this school because they only knew about SMA 17 in Palembang is the best one. Because of that, they still confused when they heard about this school.

One day there were kak Dwi Juliana, kak Citra, kak Lilis, kak Aditya, kak Tiwi and kak Milana came to my school with different style with use the uniform from Sampoerna Academy. They wanted to introduce their school with me and my friends. So, I and my friends directly gather with them in Lab with brought notebook for taking a note if there was something important. After they had explained we had opportunity to ask about that school. After that, we’re directly go back to continue the next lesson.

After school I was going to my home. On the way going to my home, I still thought about Sman SumSel in Palembang. I still confused to join and registered my name in that school. Even I thought my mother didn’t want to allow me go there. When I stayed in front of my house, I still uncertainly to told this story with my mother and I was confident to explain that school with my mother.  After eat and pray, I was going to meet my mother and talking about Sampoerna Academy in Palembang. Actually, my mother answered it only with her smile and she said just join first. I was very happy and thanks to God because my mother said like that.

So, I always spend my time for study, study and study hard because I wanted to show with my mother if I could enter this school. After school, I always directly take wudhu and pray after that took lunch. After that, directly read the book and practiced to answer the question from the book. So, I could become diligent student and every day I always do it. When, in the school I got the news from my teacher about Science competition when Open House in Sampoerna Academy. My teachers choose me, Berta and Binarsih to join the competition.

So, in the afternoon me and my mother still enjoyed the condition in around my home with sit down and talk about school. After that, I wanted to ask permission from my mother for allow me join the competition in Palembang. But my mother said “don’t join that, what for you join?”

“But, Mom this is Science competition in Palembang and only take three days” I said. “Yes, I know but you have to join the practical test right? How could you didn’t join the exam? Later on your score will be decrease”. My mother said.

“Yes, I know Mom but, after I have go back from there, me and my friend directly do the exam, even my teacher is going to Palembang too”. “May I join Mom?” I ask my mother one more time.

“Yes, but I don’t allow you to enter that school, if you want to enter that school I don’t want to provide all of your needed.” my mother said.

I was crying in front of my mother when I heard that sentences. From that my spirit became decrease and made me lazy to register. But, I still confused about the reason why my mother could say that. When there was my teacher and my friend I shared my problem about the conflict to choose and register my name. Then they gave me support to enter this school. I always share about that school with my mother.

When I had arrived in Sampoerna Academy, I could see all of student from there which so silent and I thought they were diligent people and always read the book because some students use the glasses and surely I could see from their uniform and they had good attitude. I thought if I entered this school I could be more religious and make my parent proud with my success in here. After I and my friends done the best for my school to become the winner but, in fact, only Olivia’s group got the first winner in Olympiad Mathematic in that school.  So, actually I and my friend wanted to watching the drama about “ Putri Pinang Masak” which performed by students of Sampoerna Academy to society but the other condition my teacher couldn’t join because there was some job in Lahat which He had to do it at  Monday. After I heard that news, I and my friend very disappointed with my teacher because we had to go to Lahat tomorrow and cancelled all of preparation for watching that drama. Actually, I and my friend went to back in the night but we postponed it.

” just tomorrow morning Pak, because today I know we have many activities and make our body become tired. So, can be danger for us in the travel and then you take our students, I’m afraid later on there is something happen if you bring the car in bad condition” said Mr. Aprial with Mr. Marlin.

“Okay, I will go back tomorrow morning” answered Mr. Marlin.

So, I and my friend directly went to Mr. Aprial nephew’s home because we didn’t have enough money to pay the hotel. In the morning around 05.30, we had prepared  to went to Lahat with Mr. Marlin but Olivia’s group and Mr. April still enjoyed the morning and helped for prepared all of the stuff which must we brought and they would  go to Graha Budaya for watching the drama and taking the trophy, certificate, some money from the winner. In the traveling I couldn’t sleep because in my brain I still thought about sentences from Mr. Marlin. He said “only stupid parent don’t want to allow their children school in here”. You could see right, that school provided all of your stuff for school from the uniform until the book you got it without paid first and good facilities from the classes which already used the AC. You could imagine the different between schools in here with school in Lahat. Very different you know, if I become your parent I ‘m surely allow you to enter that school.” From His sentences made me certainly to enter that school and made my parent become surely which school had the good in academic or non academic with had many facilities which could support us became a successful person.

When I had arrived in my home I directly met my mother to share about that school. I said with her start from I arrived in there until I go back again. “When I’m come in that school I said “WAW” because the buildings are so very beautiful, tidy, and clean and very bigger than Senior High School in Lahat then every class use the AC and the toilet is better than here.”  I told with her.

“Isn’t it? Could I see your hand phone for saw the picture of that school because I was not sure with your story?  I wanted to see fact not only heard the story” asked my mother with me.

“Yes, I’ve some picture from there, Mom” Said me for answer the question from my mother

After I gave the picture with my mother and the fact made me very happy because I saw nice smile from her face.

“Very big and the building were so nice” said my mother.

“Okay, Mom. So, may I join the test for selection for enter that school mom?” asked me

“Yes, you can join first. But if you can’t enter that school just enter school in here.”

“Okay Mom, thanks Mom. You are so kind and you are everything:*” said me with hugging my Mom.

“Hahaha, you always praise me when I do kind to you but if not, you keep calming” answered my mother.

I was very happy, I went to my room and shared the good news with my friends by sending the message to them and I told this news to my nice doll directly. In the morning, I went to the school with my spirit and nice smile which came out from my face because my mother allowed me to join the selection in order to enter  Sampoerna Academy school. When I arrived in front of my school, I met my friend, her name is Vetty . She is my best friend , she always hear s everything that happened in my life, she always gives me support and solution to make me accept whatever condition that I faced. The special is about choosing the correct senior high school. Actually, she had the same problem with me so I enjoyed sharing my problem to her.  When I met her I was hugging her directly and screaming her name because I got special news today. when we were walking, I shared everything that happened yesterday to her.


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