Sparkling Light part 2


“Subhanallah, it’s so great Malda. As you know I’ m very happy too today. Because I will join the selection to enter Senior high school number 4 Lahat and my brother will marry in here.” Vetty said with me.

“Alhamdulillah, finally we have permission for entering our favorite senior high school. So, we must have higher spirit to be able to enter that school.” Answer me.

When the bell was ringing, we entered the classroom. The first lesson was  “Budi Pekerti”. When Mrs. Yulianty has done to explain the lesson, I and my friends had the time for sharing about our problem and we expected to solve the problem together. I braved myself to tell all the problem that I’ve. After I have deliver my problems, Mrs. Yulianty gave a good response and I saw smile from her face. She said “if you are sure you want to enter that school you must give more reasons with your parent and you must give the best for your parent”. From that sentence I got the real motivation. So, that’s why until now I always remember that sentences.

Day by day I spent my time for focusing in UN and study for entering that school. When I and my friends sent the registration for entering that school, I prayed to God “I hope I can enter that school”. After that I’m directly going to the class to continue the lessons. But on the way, I met Madam Yulia and she said to me

“Did you join the selection to enter SMAN SumSel ? “

“Yes, I did Mom” said me to her.

“How could you join? Even that school only receives the students with low economy standard, but your father is PNS, if it is Angga I this is Angga I think he’s able to be accepted by that school.” Ma’am Yulia said.

“Yes Mom. But Mrs. Erly said its okay. There is no the problem if my father is PNS.” I gave my smile with her.

I went to the class directly, and I met Vetty. I told her what Mom Yulia said to me just now. Actually, that moment made my spirit is decreasing but when Vetty gave me suggestion for focusing in my plan and don’t forget to pray to God for make you effort become success. When I want to go home on the way I still think about what’s sentence Mom Yulia said with me today. It’s true or not but the other opinion just see later and don’t forget pray to God. When I’ve arrive in front my home I directly pray and share my problem with God. After that I’m study and focus for enter that school and I can enter that school because God always give me the best one in I said my heart.

Today’s time for I and my friends do School Examination together.  When the exam is finish I still waiting my friends for go back together. From behind me there’s someone call me, directly I see who call me just now. I think my friend call me but the fact my teacher call me and he said you get good news today because “you are pass in selection for enter Sampoerna Academy school. So, you will go to Palembang again for continue the other test. I’m very happy and said thanks with my teacher because of good news. I go to my home earlier without waiting my friends because I will tell about it with my mother. When I had arrived directly I enter my home and see my hand phone there is new number called me but I not answer it because I still in the school. I think from Sampoerna Academy School which will give the information about the result of selection.

“Mom, I will go to Sampoerna Academy School again because I will join next test in there because I’m pass person of test selection document.” I said.

“Oh, Alhamdulillah. Okay just studied first and don’t forget pray to the God.” said my mother.

“Thank you, Mom. I will study hard and always try to can” my answer.

When in the school still practice examination. So, I and my friend and also Pak Aprial ask permission to go to Palembang to join next selection in Sampoerna Academy  School with use Pak Aprial cars.  About six hours we are arrive in Sampoerna Academy School then I and my friends register our name first before entered the dorm. After that we are together entering the dorm and the fact our dorm is same and my room is beside with April rooms.

The first day is writing test so member of my room is studying together until ten o’clock.  In the morning we are take breakfasting before we start the test and then about eight o’clock we are gather in the hall and directly do it the question after we have get the instruction from comity of the test. Before I have done it I pray with the God and said in my heart,

“I will be here because I know the God always give the good way if the people still effort and pray with the God.”

For the next day I and my friends prepare for show our skill and panel discussion. After the test is finish, we are going to Lahat. About one month I and my friends waiting the announcement the won of selection enter that school.

In the night I study for UN but my brothers cooking noodle in the kitchen, after they have cooking they directly watching television and about five minutes they are already sleep. Condition of my kitchen is dirty and stuff of cooking still there because them. But about 21.30 p.m there is people calling from outside they said greeting. At the time I’ve sleep because still study prepare for UN and I see there is a black car in front of my house and there are three people with us the uniform like one organization. So, directly I go to my mother’s room and wake up her. Directly my mother wake up and ask with me. “There are three people in front of our house with use black car and said greeting but I don’t know who they are. Directly my mother opens the door and said “Sorry, who you are?”

“We’re from Sampoerna Academy, Bu “answer from one people.

“Oh, wait for while, Pak” I will take the key.

“Yes, bu.” While give the smile.

Directly, I go to my mother rooms for wake up my father.  After that I and my parent go to outside and they are start for introduction before them start conversation. After this Mr. Romsyah ask permission for take picture in my home. So, I company Mr. Romsyah to take picture until kitchen. Condition of my kitchen is very untidy. But, Mr. Romsyah directly takes picture. After he has take picture, we are go to outside. The conversation is start, the first they use Indonesian language and when they want to ask with me they use English. Actually I’m not really can to answer the question from them but actually in my heart I still pray with God. After finish the conversation they ask permission for go back to Palembang because I’m the last for Home visit in Lahat. After that I and my family enter the home and directly I take the handphone and send message with my friends.  But no one answers my message, directly I go to bad and sleep.

In the morning I go to school like usually. When I have arrive in the school I meet my friends and they said they have but different time but only some of my friends get home visit. After school I spend my time for study.

Time by time I and my friends do the UN. After we have finish the UN I still study for prepare join test in the others senior high school because if I’m not pass in Sampoerna Academy School  I will school in Lahat. One week later there is my name without join test but directly for register again but I’m not directly register because I still waiting the result of Sampoerna Academy School .

About in the middle of Mei I spend my time for open facebook for found the information about result of selection. From nine o’clock until twelve o’clock I still open the facebook. Suddenly there is announcement from Sampoerna Academy School about the winner of selection for enter that school. There are people already make status about that while they are the winner of that. Directly I see that announcement and the fact there is my name. Directly, I go to my mother rooms and give my handphone with her.

“Mom, I’m pass in Sampoerna Academy School.” With hugging my mother

Directly my aunty wake up from her bad and she said “congratulation with me.”

“You’re the one can enter that school. So, you must diligent, have good attitude and can make parent proud with you.” my mother said.

“I will make you proud with me with my skill.” I said.

Directly I go to my room because I can’t hold my feeling. I feel very happy but different side I feel so very sad because if I go to Palembang no one will help my mother because I and my sister go to Palembang. Suddenly I’m crying because I have two feeling. But, I’m still said thanks to the God for the big surprise for me and my family.


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