Because of you part 1

In the school there are two people which have a nice relation. While in the canteen they always together to buy fried rice but today they not do like usually,

“I don’t understand what are you talking about ?” said Kina

“hah, what’s ? you haven’t heard it ?” answer Jery

“oce, I’ll explain with you later. But you must promise with me” said Kina

“oce, what kind of promise ?” answer Jery

“don’t call me Kinun anymore because of you all of student call me like that. Even you know right who the real my name. my name is Kina not Kinun !” ask Kina to Jery

“haha, it’s my problem ? from now you aren’t my friend anymore.” Answer Jery while he go.

“Oce, fine. I can’t believe that. I hope  you can find the others people to becomes you’re best friend. I want to said thanks  to you because you ever becomes my friend” answer Kina.

“huh, just delete all of about me in yours brain and don’t call me if you meet me,oce”said Jery

“it’s must for me ? how if I call you when you have a problem ?” ask Kina.

“I’ll not heard what ever you said to me because you aren’t not my best friend anymore”said Jery.

Jery directly go to his class and Kina go to her class also. So, if they’re meet in the same location they won’t talk each others.  One weeks later Kina want  to go to eyes center to check up her eyes because she can’t clearly but on the way she see Jery in the market which use dirty clothes and bring the materials for cooking. Actually she want to call him but she remember what’s Jery said. After that he directly continue for go to hospital. When she has arrives in the hospital she directly check up her eyes, after that she directly see the result and the result is so bad because she must use glasses. She can’t accept what doctor’s said,she directly run to go to toilet but on the way she hit boy, because she feel badmood she directly standup and leaves the boy without said sorry. When she have arrives in the toilet she knock the door and crying in the toilet.

After she feel more fine she go out and directly go to her car. On the way she see jery sell newspaper on the street. Because of that she directly call him and want to ask what happen with his.

“hei,here I want to buy newspaper” said Kina

“oh iya, wait Miss” he directly go to my car.

“how many miss ?” said Jery

Kina directly open her glasses and window her car and also directly anwer his question

“Jery what’s wrong with you ? why you becomes like this ? tell me about the real story maybe I can help you.” Ask me with his.

“oh,you may not know about this and don’t tells the others,please” ask Jery

“oce, but you must tell it with me. Why you become like this” ask me with him

“oce,I’ll tell it but not know. Just come to traditional cafe on Monday street at 03.30 a.m”

“oce, I’m leaving “


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