Because of you part 2


When she has arrives in her house she saw her mother and father on the sofa.

“hi, dad and mom. Mom, later don’t forget come to my room and please wake up me at 03.00 a.m because I want to go to my school.” Ask me with my my mother.

“oce baby” answer my mother while she show her smile to me.

After that, I’m directly go to my room and take a rest. Shortly afterwards I feel sleepy until I’m sleeping. But, suddenly there’s sound from my handphone  but the fact’s Jery call me

“Kinun, can you come now because if later I’m afraid you can’t come even at 03.30 I have gathering with my friends from outside and I must invite him to go to special please in our country” ask Jery.

“oce,I think I’ll take 25 minute for to arrive there because I haven’t ask permission with my parent. Is it oce for you ?” ask me.

“oce, but I hope you can come early in the cafe as soon as possible. Bye” answer Jery

“sip, oce” answer me

I’m going to the cafe with use motorcyle. On the way I saw many people going to that cafe like there’s happen in that cafe. When I’ve put my motorcycle I see there are two people come to me.

“are you Kinun from Smanda ?” ask he to me

“yes, but the real name is Kina. Who are you ?” ask me with him

“my name’s Jaka Saputra you can call me Jack. I’m from Smansa, I know you from my friend. Nice to meet you” answer him.

“oh,who’s name your  friend ? is’t I know him ?” ask me

“alright, even you ever have nice relation long time ago with him” answer him

“who’s name ? can you tell with me why you give greet with me ?” ask me

“you’ll know that but for now I can’t tell it. Bye” said jack and directly go

I’m very afraud what’s the meaning Jack said like that. Than I’m going to enter that cafe and suddenly there’s boy call me.

“Kin…Kin..Kin.. here” ask that boy

I go to that place and the fact that boy who call me is Jery.

“so long you know. You take my time even I’ve order the food and the drink long time ago” said Jery.

“sorry, because the way when I want to go to here is very hard. So many  people on the way so make the way become crowded and I got stuck fast. Sorry, Jer” ask me with him.

“yeah,oh don’t forget after this company me to go to book store because I wan’t to meet someone there” ask Jery

“yeah,I think you want to tell more with me but the fact you only ask me to escort you to go to book store, so lazy you know” said me.

“come on don’t be lazy you should help me because it’s very important, please” ask Jery to me with him expression

“oce,but you must tell it with me what happen with you until you must sells newspaper ?” ask me with him

“oce I’ll tell it later. But now you should finished your food first because I know you very hard to go arrives here only for meet me and heard all of about me” said Jery.

I take the food and directly eat without ask what’s the food. Five minute ago I feel there is wrong with my system production and directly go to the toilet. almost four times I enter the toilet, suddenly I thinks about the food from Jery maybe because of that I become like this. Directly I go to Jery’s place but no one sit there only there’s a paper from Jery,

“hahhahaha, sorry Kinun I must go early because there’s important thing which force me to go there maybe later I’ll confirm you to tell more. Because I must go first so I haven’t pay it. I hope you can pay all of the menus which I’ve order,oce. Thanks Kinun J” by : Jery 


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