Sakura Flower


A piece of paper tacked on the bulletin board at school , a lot of people who ran to see it , but I just missed the information with reason to queue cuman lazy want to see the contents of a sheet of paper . The names of the students were listed in the paper , there are tears even happy after seeing it . But , this time my heart forced me to look at the notice board .

” I hope it’s good news for me Because if there is my name so I’ll go to Jepang , amin,” I muttered to myself

The children were busy queuing to the extent shoving to see the announcement quickly . There is no one who aspires to budge even because it had been a small uproar among students . After I saw the results , I found myself among those lucky ones because I will continue my education at the University of which I dreamed the University of Tokyo in Japan . I was immediately prostration of gratitude to see the test results . I was right in calling the principal and must fill the data should I send as a sign of re-registration confirmation . I did not follow the day’s learning activities as usual because I had to go back and forth from the office to the copy center . Eventually I went home with a face that is not usually ,

” Mother , Daughter home ” I yelled from the front fence

“Yes , go first dear , do not shout about it later at a lunatic again ” said the mother of the side

” Mother , I graduated Alhamdulillah ” I replied , taking off shoes

” What pass ? ” Mother asked me as she ran toward at me

” The mom , daughter get a scholarship to college to Japan ” I said , hugging her mother

” Seriously , where’s the proof , kid ? ” Mom replied with surprise and happy faces

” He , from morning till I go home this school care data that will be sent back bu sebgai repeated registration certificate . So , the Princess had not participated in school lessons because many applications do I have to write ” I replied as he assured the mother .

” Thank God , then bathe GIH . Pantesan rotten – kid turned rotten mother from morning till afternoon alternating gini same office where copies dong ” the mother replied by giving me a cheery smile .

” Oke deh mother dear ” I replied, my thumb finger mengacungian

I was immediately a shower , then I eat and look for information about the decision kebenarn will result . After searching on google I found I actually passed in the selection . Suddenly the mother called to pray together , we eat together afterwards .

” Mother will definitely miss with you when you study abroad later because nobody else will accompany the mother at the time of cooking , washing and even tells of a childhood ” the mother said in a tone that weakens

” Do not be sad dong mother because I go there aiming at capturing the science is not for the frivolous fun . So , give me your blessing prayer and mother that I can be successful someday ” I replied

“Of course , mother always pray for the best for you child’s mother only anyways it we still can each kontakkan each other , right ? ” Asked the mother

” Yaiyalah mother ” I replied

Not feel the time is getting reduced , the seconds I started feeling will lose even be a very tough challenge in my life . Moreover, had left his mother alone in the house plus the ibubelakangan health began to decline . I do not inginn terjadii anything terhadapp my mother . Exactly two weeks after I get a degree I have to go to Jakarta first before I went straight to Japan . After obtaining a complete briefing in Jakarta , keesokkan I was immediately ready to go to Japan .

Keesokkan morning I went straight to the airport without any in between my parents . But , even so I have to keep the spirit and determined to be successful there . When I boarded the plane , I suddenly fell because there is someone who intentionally blocking my way to use his legs . So as he just burst out laughing when I saw the expression on the face of falling even he did not say sorry .

” Hey , what’s the matter with you I ? you make me bored with you really does ” I said with a stern face

” Hahaha , yeah funny you face it : P , but I’m very happy with that ” he replied

” Ngesok really does become a person , base coward ” I said leave him

” Hey , what luh say ? grandmother basic enclosed ” he said,

I did not ignore what he’s talking about , I finally fell asleep on the way . When I landed I was immediately looking for a car to take me to my new apartment . When I got to the room it turns out people who make their own bete it was my neighbor . To my surprise , he suddenly saw me and immediately closed the door with a bang .

” You sick tuh guy , ass really does become the ” I muttered to myself

keesokkan morning I went in on my first day of college and make cranky again proved he is a friend of my classes .

” Oh God , he’s again – he again ” I muttered sarcastically , looking at him

Suddenly a girl came together to set him as if he was the king on this campus . But I did not bother with it and finally I decided to go back to the cafeteria . Suddenly in the middle of the road I had been obstructed by a bunch of boys ,

“Excuse me , can you move from this way ? ” Ask me with them

“What ? this is my way just you move from this way, oce baby ! ” answer them

” Hello , is it yours ? what is the fact ? I do not believe it you know ! ” Answer me

” Heh , just keep your mouth , oce . Problem you’re in the know ” answer them

Suddenly they hold my hair , I did not receive this directly with me screaming . Suddenly the boy came from behind to make it Bete ,

” Hey , go know . Do not disturb my gril or you will die ! ” Said him

They immediately left me and him

” Thanks ,  ” I remarked

” Profit is in favor , instead of thanking but the fact you make me bored . Basic profit dont know ” he replied

He immediately went to leave me alone .


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