A Unite caused by Magic

One day in a kingdom named Era kingdom, lived a family. They had beautiful daughter. Her name was Princess Ayoera, but she liked to spend her time to go to the forest to hunt the animals. She was cheerful and kind. Moreover, she was very open to share her knowledge to society. In fact, she was kind with the others. It made a good relationship among the kingdoms there. She also often held the competitions of hunting. This was intended for the community. Therefore, at the end of each month the palace was very crowded.
In a sunny morning, Princess Ayoera looked gloomy. She was trying to find her favorite rabbit which recently disappeared from the palace. She spent her whole days to look for the rabbit. She even sacrificed her lunch time for this. Suddenly, she collapsed in the middle of the garden. A soldier immediately ran when he saw Princess Ayoera collapsed. Then he directly picked Princess Ayoera and laid her on the bed. A few minutes later, she was being called by the king to give any explanations on how she collapsed. After she has done with the explanations, she went back to his job. A few hours after that, the kingdom’s doctor came and immediately checked her condition. Princess Ayoera’s face looked very pale. She was also feeling difficult to move-she was paralyzed. After the doctor checked her condition, the king and the queen immediately invited the doctor to talk. With a sad face the doctor should tell the truth to the king and the queen. He told that the princess got a very serious disease which could take her life soon.
After hearing that, the queen immediately felt to the floor and was unconscious. King was immediately brought into the queen’s room and asked the doctor to directly check its condition. Soon the queen’s unconscious and she immediately asked the doctor to continue chit-chat before. The doctor also said that she could be saved with a medicine that would be found in the neck of an evil giant rabbit. After the doctor explained in detail about the medicine, and on that day, the king directly requested the assistance Advisory king to go to all corners of the world to give the news about the contested to find a medicine for her daughter. Whoever who can find that will be able to marry her.
All corner of the world knew about that news until the letter arrived to Prince Franz. Prince Franz couldn’t be silent seeing his ex-girlfriend had a bad condition. Then he was pretending to be a soldier there. While on duty time in the area around Princess Ayoera’s room, suddenly the door was opened. Then he directly entered that room, but one of the soldiers saw it and immediately reported it to the king. The king directly was angry to him even the king asked that soldier to kill him. Before that he was wrote a love letter and entrusted to the maid in the palace to give to the Princess Ayoera.
After making the strategy, he met his father for asking the permission to go to the forest. He walked along the river, suddenly he saw there was grandmother who felt on the ground and directly helped her. After that he directly said goodbye but before he went away, grandmother gave him a magic pencil and a bundle of rope magic for his stock before he was facing a giant rabbit.
When he was on the way, he heard a loud voice increasingly approached. Suddenly from the underground there was giant rabbit wanted to kill him. He immediately ran away from the giant but the giant could catch him. The grip of a very powerful leg that wasn’t easy for him to move. But he kept trying to move until the rope in his bag fell down and stretched out. Suddenly, the rope directly bind the wholes body and he fell to the ground. He immediately took a pencil and drew a glass of water and spilled it to the giant. As a result, the rabbit became small and there was a medicine that hung around the rabbit’s neck.
He immediately took it and went to the kingdom to give it to Princess Ayoera. When he came to the kingdom, he was directly surrounded by soldiers. King immediately asked the soldiers to kill him but before that he directly showed the medicine to the king. The king was surprised, and then he directly invited him to go to Princess Ayoera’s room. He directly gave it to her, Finally Princess Ayoera’s health returned. A few days later they held a very grand wedding party and he gave the prize to her a magic rabbit.


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